In Discovery Montessori, we do a lot of Montessori activities along with the conventional activities to give children over all development with an experience of exploring Montessori material. Activities being done at school broadly includes five developmental areas, same are mentioned below:


  • Prepared Environment
  • Children's are taught to be independent
  • Children's learn themself
  • Children's choose their work place
  • Active Participation
  • Gives time to do the activities
  • Teacher's act as guides
  • Teacher work in colaboration with the children
  • Understanding comes through the child's own experience


  • No Prepared Environment
  • Children's are dependent
  • Children's are taught by teachers
  • Children's are forced to sit in the same place
  • Passive Participation
  • No good time for activities
  • Teacher's play the main role
  • The class teacher is led
  • Learn from white board